Welcome to Drake Executive Search

We are a fee-paid executive search firm with specialization in the International Hospitality Industry. We work closely with employer clients to identify, acquire and retain the top talent in restaurant and food service management and Hotel/Motel Administration.

Some Facts About Ourselves.

Drake Executive Search concentrates on identifying and selecting outstanding middle to upper management candidates for clients in the Hospitality Industry.
The company operates nationally through a network of key industry contacts, select executives and a sophisticated database of hospitality professionals.
Drake Executive Search operates to the highest ethical standards. Confidentiality, with both the client and candidate, is never compromised.
We utilize the latest in Internet technologies to augment our proven expertise in industry networking.
Linda Drake, founder and president, has a Bachelor's Degree in Management from Eastern Illinois University. She has been successful in key management roles in related industries, including a new venture startup. She is dedicated to her profession and is recognized by her peers for her exceptional interpersonal skills.

Our Value to Employers

As each client's needs are distinct, so then is each search different. Drake Executive Search will tailor an approach in close concert with each client, using as a framework the following proven process:

1 Client Consultancy The initial Phase of any search, this is the point where the attributes of the assignment are determined. We are prepared to provide assistance at whatever level is required by the client.
2 Search Strategy From search specifications, the nature of the position, and the prevailing business environment, a search strategy is created and shared with the client.
3 Research Use of our extensive network is augmented by appropriate use of print, electronic and internet media.
4 Written Candidate Evaluation Every candidate submitted will be preceded by a written evaluation.
5 Negotiation and Attraction We recognize the value of our role in this process and provide an alternate channel for communications among all parties.

Contact us at any time to discuss how Drake Executive Search can assist you in Recruiting, Selecting and Retaining the top executive talent in the country.

Welcome to the Web Site of Drake Executive Search

We are a fee-paid professional organization, meaning that our fees are paid by our employer clients who contract us to help them locate select and hire the key executive talent they require.

Our networks and databases are extensive, but we are always on the lookout for uniquely qualified individuals who have that special skill set, experience, or geographic preference that is requested by hiring executives. Therefore, we request that if you are interested in a career move you send us an updated resume, and complete a personel profile and submit a list of references.

In order to be included in our database, we request that you follow this sequence:
E-mail your resume to Linda@DrakeExecutiveSearch.com. When e-mailing, please use only WordPerfect or Microsoft Word formats, and attach the files to the email. Use your name as the file name. DO NOT cut-and-paste your resume into the e-mail. Remember, before you attach your resume to your e-mail, please rename the document with your last name and the expression "-resume". We receive hundreds of resume files named "resume.doc" Refer to our Resume Tips for other formatting help.
Complete the next forms. They are opened in separate windows, you must close the windows after you submit the data to return here. For best viewing "maximize" the windows.
Click here to complete the personal profile form
Click here to complete the references form
If you don't wish to answer any questions, leave them blank.

We, at Drake Executive Search, scan all our incoming resumes into our databases. This is a growing trend within the search industry and greatly improves our ability to select the most qualified candidates for our clients. From the candidates perspective, it improves the probability of finding that one, "great" opportunity.

Therefore, as you prepare to submit a resume to us, any of our associates in the Executive Search Industry, or directly to hiring companies, keep in mind that it is becoming more critical that these documents (don't forget cover letters, too) are prepared in a manner that enhances the scanning process. It is indeed unfortunate when a strong candidate is overlooked simply because their resume was "unscannable."

The following recommendations are made to help you prepare a resume that will pass all of the hurdles that modern office practices are presenting.

  • Use a font size of 11 to 14 points. Anything smaller appears squeezed and scanners can misread "rn" for "m".
  • Use sans serif fonts. Arial, Univers, Helvetica and Futura are some of the better ones.
  • Avoid completely script, italic and underlined text.
  • Avoid graphics or shading.
  • Avoid vertical or horizontal lines.
  • Do not use parentheses.
  • Bold printing does not always carry to the scanned copy and can be misread in some fonts. Therefore, avoid using bold fonts.
  • Use industry acronyms that are well known, such as BTU or PhD, but if you're in doubt, spell it out.
  • Minimize font changes, in either point size or type.
  • Your name should be the first words on the resume.
  • Use traditional resume structures. Do not use two columns as in newsletters.
  • Maximize the contrast between the ink and the background by using plain, white or light colored papers.
  • Use a laser, or good quality ink-jet, printer, and print in black ink.
  • When faxing, use the "detailed" or "fine" mode. It may take a bit longer, but it will be worth it. It is critical that when faxing, you align the paper perfectly. Many faxes that we receive are slanted, making scanning more difficult.
  • When mailing the resume, do not use staples. Try to mail flat. Paper creases sometimes are "read" by the scanner.

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